New for 2020 PORT:FOLIO and PIXEL & HUES will be conducting a number of requested tutorials tailored to individuals and small groups.

Topics will be wide and varied and each course or tutorial will be announced on the diary page in advance.

Photography tutorials will include, photographic principles, history and science, camera tips and tricks, studio setup, location work and much much more.

Image processing tutorials will include masterclasses for users of Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop, along with other industry standard raster/bitmap/vector editors including open source packages. Tutorials are also available for all Adobe Creative Cloud applications upon request.

Print based lectures will take you beyond the point of capture and image processing to print and presentation. Topics will include Print Size, Best Resolution, Paper Types, Fine art & Archival, Large Format amongst other subjects that cover the techniques for high quality prints.

Each tutorial will be presented in and educational, informative and fun style.

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